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Sensuality, relaxing and rejuvenating escape

Sex is healthy. Unfortunately we don't receive enough education on the subject. When you learn how to bring more attention to sex, you experience more power and confidence in yourself. You will be more at ease with your yourself and your relationships around you. Science has been proving for many years that orgasm is a vital part to the feminine. It allows you to be connected, help to stabilize and support positivity.

Accessing your sexual powers is not necessarily learning new stuff, but to actually releasing old stuff.
I work with women who’ve never had an orgasm, no longer have orgasms, find it difficult to orgasm or have partners who've lost their desire for a intimate relationship.
I invite you to visit with me at my sanctuary a safe place that is judgement free, comfortable, calming, and full of love. This is a time for you to ‘let your hair down’.  Don’t worry about dressing up or putting make-up on. (Unless you so desire).
Please feel free to share with me anything that might aid me in styling your session.  Anything you say to me will be held in the utmost secrecy and honoring.


I usually divide the initial session into 2 parts.  The *first part is informal getting to know each other encounter.  We will chat further about your intentions and desires.  (during our initial telephone consultation, we will touch on the subject as well.)  Some things we may incorporate are spiritual counseling, touch, body awareness and an authentic discussion about what is going on in your life.  We will talk about your sexual story, your upbringing and past relationships.

*This might take up to 1 hour

First Time Visitor

An Introduction to Enlightened Body Awareness

Part 1: 

After our time together, if you‘re comfortable with me and yourself, we will move into my healing suite for *part 2  Here you will find more soft music and candlelight designed to make you feel comfortable and at ease.  With loving intent we will embark on a tantra touch and Body Awareness experience.  I will encourage you to breathe, relax and focus on the sensations your body is undergoing.

*This can take anywhere from 60-90 minutes

Part 2: 

Please don’t feel like you have to rush into part 2.  It might take several times of discussion, before you are comfortable to move into the next step.  This is your time and I want you to feel completely at ease with me and your surroundings.

Once you have made it through the introductory session, subsequent sessions would incorporate a short catch-up discussion period and then focus on the bodywork and energy aspects of the healing. During the session the focus will be on keeping you in a state of bliss for a longer period of time. It is a full-body, interactive experience which incorporates goddess spot massage if desired. This experience will catalyze great healing and leave you with feelings of calm and peace and energy for several days.  It is a great gift to self.

 It will be my pleasure to be your guide on this journey as we cross the healing bridge towards self-love, body positivity, and radical acceptance. Open the door to our purist state of authenticity, kindness, compassion, and strength. 

These tantric practices are available for individuals of all lifestyles that are in need of healing or in search of a deeper feeling of pleasure. Regardless of orientation or gender identity, we all deserve to awaken our inner selves!