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It is my pleasure to be your guide on this journey as we cross the healing bridge towards self-love, body positivity, and radical acceptance. We are beautiful! Our bodies are a temple and the container for our soul that opens doors to our purist state of authenticity, kindness, compassion, and strength. 

Indulge in a four handed (2 practitioner) Luxurious Bodywork Experience that is thorough including areas of your body that are commonly avoided in spa or medical bodywork settings.  Special attention is given to gluteal muscles and adductors, belly, chest, feet, neck, head and face.

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Tantric/Sensual/Erotic Yoga

Holistic Sensuality embraces the definition of yoga. 

Sacred relationships are about pure trust, radical honesty, unconditional presence and opening all the doors to each other. These experiences, sacred sexuality for couples and singles serve as a container for you to explore, rediscover your passions and get out of the habitual ruts which take away aliveness and consciousness from your relationship. The Tantric Yoga Experience is designed to heighten feelings and emotions, experience sensations and open the doorways to greater awareness of the sensual self. Combining touch, breath work, yoga postures and sensory stimulation in a creative and integrative way. The goal is to free the flow of vital energy, fuel the mind with sensations and experience balance throughout the entire body. With a greater awareness of the pleasure of giving pleasure and the reason why we enjoy what we enjoy, relationships can become stronger, deeper and more connected. 

A no charge telephone consultation required before scheduling an appointment.

Body rub and massage

Why Practice Nude Yoga?

Not all sessions require nudity however, are most effective practiced nude. Nude Bodywork has been practiced in some form for thousands of years. Practicing nude bodywork creates connection or a union between a person's naked body and a person's sensual persona, focusing on creating a stronger, more meaningful connection. 

Experience the art of touch and energy in motion during this amazingly relaxing holistic practice. A liberating synthesis of assisted yoga poses and innovative bodywork. It is about letting go, and deepening your experiences. It may open the doorways to greater awareness of yourself. I provide a safe and sacred space for all, that is free from judgement, that encourages personal growth, self-love, connection, authenticity, kindness and compassion. I'll share with you acceptance and appreciation for you and your body, just exactly the way you are.

Notice: We are a private membership association. A completed membership application and Picture ID is required before session begins. New Members are Welcome! 
We offer complete holistic services for the healthy and Sensual Mind, Body, and Spirit. All services performed by Trained and authorized member Practitioners. We welcome members 18+ years of age regardless of gender, orientation, or relationship status..

We invite you to enter our safe judgement-free space, where we promote wellness, body positivity, connection, sensuality, and authenticity. A place where strength, beauty, and healing touch unite.

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