Men's Session

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Are you missing out on physical touch? During these sessions, the focus is on conscious touch and observing everything you sense. Experience the freedom to express yourself.

Tantra elevates sex to a deeply spiritual, sacred and connecting experience, which is also the aim of tantric massage. It includes practices such as tantra yoga, sensual body rub, Lomi, sensual touch, including the infusion of sensual yoga, bodywork, meditation, praying, and breathwork.

Whether you need deep healing or just a relaxing and rejuvenating escape, these sessions provide a sacred space to calm the mind, body, and spirit. These sessions help to provide you with a deeper connection to pleasure. 


Pleasure and relaxation is actually very healing in itself! But if you're looking for more of a body, mind, and soul reset combined with pleasure, then this session would be tailored to you. This full body massage session will focus more on seducing your body to a state of pleasure and openness. Allowing your body to receive love, pleasure, relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Each session is tailored to each individual's wants and needs. 

​These tantric practices are available for individuals of all lifestyles that are in need of healing or in search of a deeper feeling of pleasure.