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First of all, tantric massage is an amazing place to start when you want to explore a deeper connection with your sensual side.

Tantric massage is a alternative, holistic, and intimate practice weaving multiple modalities to including the whole body in a sacred and sensual way.

The practice is holistic because apart from working with the physical body, it also involves working with the energy body (mainly sexual energy).

Practicing Tantra helps us in deepening our own connection to ourselves as well as with our loved ones. In this session, you and your partner will learn how to connect on a deeper level of intimacy. It is important to connect with your partner on a spiritual level sometimes more so than on a physical level. My sessions for couples provides romantic and loving exercises that can help you two connect emotionally and physically. 
Whether you're a couple that is looking to rekindle their flame, a couple that is wanting to learn new ways of connecting and deepening your intimacy, or just a romantic, fun, and beautiful getaway session, there are various techniques that can be beneficial to all!
Every couple is different so every session is different and designed to the couples' needs and desires.

Notice: Tantra Tampa is a service offering of Fusion Wellness Therapies. Fusion Wellness Therapies is a private membership association. We welcome all who are 18+ years of age. We offer complete holistic services for healthy Body, Mind, and Soul for our members.