Why Practice Nude?

Not all sessions require nudity however, are most effective practiced nude. Nude Bodywork has been practiced in some form for thousands of years. Practicing nude bodywork creates connection or a union between a person's naked body and a person's sensual persona, focusing on creating a stronger, more meaningful connection. Nude massage, Tantra massage, Sensual massage, nude yoga,  naked bodywork, and compassionate touch are powerful tool on your path toward body positivity, self-love, self empowerment, and radical acceptance, to reach a place where you are completely in touch with your body, your mind, and soul.

So lose your clothes for a sublime journey toward relaxation and liberation... where beauty, nature, and healing touch unite.

Our service is in call or out call. 

A no charge telephone consultation required before scheduling an appointment.


The Practice of Tantra is the philosophy of how to be a better person and live a more blissful life.  Tantra and sensuality is the first spiritual tradition that aimed to elevate sex to a deeply spiritual, sacred and connecting experience, which is also the aim of tantric massage. The Tantra we practice is the weaving or the fusion of nude practices include massage, nude yoga, Tantra Yoga, sensual body rub, erotic touch, Lomi Lomi, tantra massage, including the infusion of sensual bodywork, meditation, praying, touch, and breathwork.

It is not to be confused with a “happy ending massage” . Those practices are purely physical and only aimed at bringing pleasure and relaxation.

We believe practicing nude is for a purpose, while this does include physical pleasure and it also goes beyond that! So, slip out of your clothes and into a nurturing safe space for an experience that is designed to rejuvenate and restore. There is so much more to discover and explore in deeper layers of our physical and spiritual self.

 Our service is  in call or out call. 

A no charge telephone consultation required before scheduling an appointment.

Body rub and massage

Private Sessions

Private sessions are a way to address specific issues regarding sexuality, intimacy, meditation, body-image, and much more using the techniques and meditations of tantra. Sessions may be booked for 2 hours in length and are designed to support the client in accessing their full ecstatic potential.

Couples and singles are welcome. Additional fee for outcall sessions, please inquire when booking. 

Private work includes breathing practices, meditation techniques, touch therapy, Tantra yoga, and other relevant modalities. Some sessions are practiced nude however, there is no sexual contact in the sessions. Individuals and couples may explore issues such as . . .

  • Tantric Lovemaking & Spirituality
  • Tools for Initiating & Deepening Intimacy
  • Dynamic Meditations . . . in Every Day Activities
  • Sexual Empowerment for Women, Men & Adolescents
  • Support in the Awakening Process
  • I encourage my member/clients to work with me in series of 7 sessions. I do offer cost incentives for the session series. You may decide at the end of your first session if you'd like to enroll in the series.

Pre-Session Checklist

Is this your first time to schedule with Tantra Tampa, if so, please schedule your complimentary consultation.

​During your consultation we'll discuss the Private member association as well as the priorities of your session. Our highest priority is always your safety, consent and boundaries. 

Relax and get ready to enjoy your session!

Notice: We are a private membership association. A completed membership application and Picture ID is required before session begins. New Members are Welcome! 
We offer complete holistic services for the healthy and Sensual Mind, Body, and Spirit. All services performed by Trained and authorized member Practitioners. We welcome members 18+ years of age regardless of gender, orientation, or relationship status..

We invite you to enter our safe judgement-free space, where we promote wellness, body positivity, connection, sensuality, and authenticity. A place where strength, beauty, and healing touch unite.

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